The Future Is In Human Capital

- Marion Neubronner and Associates maximize organizations’ performance in critical
  aspects of managing, rewarding, engaging talent and enhancing HR effectiveness.

- MNA transforms clients’ resiliency and positive performance.

- Our Purpose: “Building Peak Performance in Individuals and Organizations”.

Experts in assessing personality and values.

We advise organizational culture and excellence
through consulting, training and diagnostic tools for
employer-employee match in personality and values.

• Business Registration Number: 53074313B
• MNA is a subsidiary of NeuEducation
CORE VALUE – Flexibility and Positive Change
Water – can change states – solid, liquid, gas. We enable the change of states, no one state is preferred; it depends on the needs of the individual and situation.

CORE VALUE – Starts with Me or the Individual
Cells grow from one to two, they evolve but it starts from a cell growth and change, then an organism is made.

CORE VALUE – Expert, Research-based and Results-driven psychological and coaching tools
Each cell bears the DNA (MNA) to begin a new organism.
Areas of Expertise
• Recruitment & Retention of
  Gen Y and M
• Onboarding of Gen Y and M
• Leadership Coaching
• Resilience
• Learning and Development

Industry Experience
• Education
• Health
• Civil Service
• Logistics
• Technology
• SMEs and many others
• General Management
• Business Development
• Consulting/Coaching

• DISC Accreditation Trainer
• Certified Master Coach
• IRIS Resilience Coach
Marion Neubronner’s people skills are extraordinary, she is greatly empathetic and can read people amazingly well. Her strongest interest lies in being a catalyst of change in other people. She is focused on being responsive and supportive of client’s needs.

People love Marion. She is fun to be with, and truly understands and loves people. She is very straight-forward and honest. However she is always on your side and on your team. She uses her intellect and experience to groom you to your best self. She is generally bright, full of potential, energetic and fast-paced.

Marion has a special gift with people, and is in her “flow” and element when she can use that gift to help others. Her exceptional intuitive awareness of people makes her able to draw out even the most reserved individuals.

Marion is charming, warm, gracious, creative and comfortable with diversity. She has 20 years of richly developed insights and experience into what makes other people tick.

Marion Neubronner graduated with Honours from the National University of Singapore and a Distinction from the National Institute of Education, Singapore. She obtained her Specialist Diploma in Counselling and Guidance from Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore, and her Masters in Education in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA. As an applied psychologist and researcher from a human development and training background, Marion is able to advise on recruitment, interviewing techniques, testing and selecting to fill vacant positions as well as training needs. She ensures organizations plan and conduct employee development which foster positive attitudes toward company goals.

From her background in coaching and counselling, her emphasis is on proactive problem resolution, resilience building and departmental communications. Managers trained in her transformative operational methods will increase employees’ satisfaction with their jobs and working conditions. For an effective commitment to culture development and sustainment, intentional leadership has to be practiced at all levels of management; as an ongoing consultant and executive coach, Marion can reflect and review with an organization to keep it on track for its strategic plans.

As a learning specialist with over 18 years of experience and having trained over 2500 adult learners, Marion informs the company’s training and development through advances in learning theory. She will assist supervisors improve their interpersonal skills in order to deal effectively with employees. Culture change and development will begin from the individual staff’s individualized training plan, to departmental training objectives and finally organizational change perspectives. Leadership training programs are designed to develop intentional leaders, and groom staff to replace those leaving the organization and as part of a succession plan.
“Experts in people possibilities - let us bring out the best in you”

Our special ability to see your highest potential combined with a genuine drive to help you; makes Marion Neubronner & Associates the perfect choice for anyone serious about reaching their peak performance in work and life.

Marion Neubronner & Associates is people-focused. We live in the world of people possibilities.
We understand and care about people, and have a special talent for bringing out the best in others.

Our promise
- We are focused on understanding, supporting, and encouraging you.
- We make things happen for you.
- Our Joy is bringing out the best in you.
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Select An Associate:
To find out more about our Corporate Workshops, please contact us:

Hotline: +65 97458358
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The GenNext programme will teach participants how to:

• Understand the four generations — Veterans (Traditionalists), Baby Boomer, Generation Xers and Y (Millennials).
• Recognise generational stereotypes
• Identify factors that cause worker dissatisfaction and attrition.
• Communicate effectively with all four generations
• Create organizational systems and incentives for successfully recruiting, retaining, motivating and managing a
  multi-generational workforce.
• Build effective succession planning and knowledge transfer
• Evolve and sustain changes in an organization’s culture that will enable all generations to thrive.
• To achieve higher organizational productivity, improved morale and better retention rates.
• To be at the winning edge of attracting and retaining talent in Gen Y and M.

We have an entire international multi-generational team of consultants, researchers, and trainers.

Programs are individually tailored through a detailed process that includes a pre-program questionnaire, interviews with
selected leaders/employees, and research into each client’s industry and issues. We review websites, ad campaigns,
recruiting brochures, and other relevant materials for generational examples that will enhance learning. And if
appropriate, we look at similar organizations as a way of benchmarking.

An internal coaching training programme for your organization’s retention and talent management systems.

In recent years, Asia has experienced slower economic growth, skyrocketing costs, skills shortages, and increasing
competition. Thus, labour productivity and efficiency of many Asian corporations and firms are threatened. Currently,
there is an estimate of 660 million Gen Y-ers in Asia. Generation Y has been perceived as the workforce of the future
and will be the next generation of leaders. Even though companies in Asia are able to attract Generation Y-ers,
retention has always been an inevitable problem as most Gen Y-ers thrive on change and would not stay on a job for
long once the excitement dissipates.

Importance of understanding Generation Y:
Generation Y has been entering the workforce since a decade ago and they are here to stay. The strategies used in
managing employees of older generations are not as effective for Generation Y (The GMP Group and Temasek
Polytechnic, 2009).

Strategies to Manage High Young Talent

Ways to motivate Generation Y (as cited from Carolyn A. Martin and Bruce Tulgan, 2001):

• Providing challenging work that really matters
• Balance clearly delegated assignments with freedom and flexibility.
• Offer increasing responsibility as a reward for accomplishments.
• Spend time getting to know staff members and their capabilities.
• Provide ongoing training and learning opportunities.
• Establish mentoring relationships.
• Create a comfortable, low stress environment.
• Allow some flexibility in scheduling.
• Focus on work, but be personable and have a sense of humor.
• Balance the roles of “boss” and “team player”.
• Treat Generation Y as colleagues, not as interns or “teenagers”
• Be respectful, call forth respect in return.
• Consistently provide constructive feedback.
• Reward Generation Y when they have accomplished a good job.

Ways to better manage Generation Y (Neubronner as cited in Lee, 2009):

• Discuss issues in a positive manner. Focus on the solution, not the problem.
  "Gen Ys are not the enemy. Let their creativity help you solve the challenges."
• Reverse mentoring. Let Gen Y employees share their dreams and beliefs with the baby boomers and veterans at
  work and show them what Gen Y can do so Gen X managers don't have to be caught in between.
• Understand that "not all change is bad". Instead of resisting change which will cause undue stress, managers need
  to realise that traditional HR rewards and management styles need to be reassessed for each generation.

Programs are individually tailored through a detailed process that includes a pre-program questionnaire, interviews with
selected leaders/employees, and research into each client’s industry and issues. We review websites, ad campaigns,
recruiting brochures, and Hr systems for generational examples that will enhance learning. And if appropriate, we look
at similar organizations as a way of benchmarking.

Select A Programme:
To find out more about our coaching services, please call us and make a date for
a complimentary phone interview and personal coaching readiness assessment.

Hotline: +65 97458358
Select A Programme:

Executive coaching is an emerging profession that synthesizes the best aspect of business, leadership, psychology,
communications, organizational development, counseling, consulting, and philosophy.

Why does coaching work?
It helps the individual to clarify objectives and goals; aligns values, goals and actions; keeps individuals accountable;
offers support; challenges; keeps the individual focused; reinforces changed behaviors. It is based on validated
techniques to change behavior.

What are the tools we use to assess current needs?
Coaching needs analysis, Structured interviews, Personality and Behaviour Tests.

What techniques accelerate the learning process?
Assessing and matching the individual’s learning style; self-paced learning; assessing values to ensure they are in
synchrony with the individual’s and organization’s values and goals; highlights choice and self-responsibility.

What thinking strategies and self-coaching tools can you gain from the coaching process?
How to challenge limiting beliefs; planning; setting goals; making effectives choices; managing emotions;
problem-solving techniques; developing new skills and enhancing current capabilities.

What results can you expect from coaching?
Moving up the career ladder; Greater happiness; Resolving relationship or career issues; Increased success and wealth;
Healthier lifestyle; Less stress; More focus.

How to we establish the coaching relationship?
First meeting – Informal interview and plan for coaching. Second to fifth meeting – Process of coaching, techniques
and follow-up till change occurs. Sixth meeting – recap and tie-up and follow-up. For self-discovery and profiling
coaching – we need only 1-3 sessions. We maintain strict confidentiality and provide a detailed follow-up plan and
support post coaching so you are kept on track.

My clients have recently attained achievements like:
Overseas scholarships – Yale; Commonwealth games placing; Increased monthly income; Better communications at
home and workplace; Increased energy; Happiness.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."
~ Charles Darwin

Who are you?
“Are you the Master of change or a victim of change?”

We work only with serious clients who want to be change agents in their communities and organizations, who are
ready to transform themselves, and want to take their world to another level

What is Coaching?
There's only one thing that can stop you from a goal you want to achieve. It is the blocks and barriers in
your unconscious mind. We support you in becoming more grounded, connected, and present so you can make new
blueprints of behaving and feeling. We use cutting edge personal transformation tools based on research and years of
applied experience.

Let us support you to the Peak You.

Get coaching to:
1) Align your work and life with your deeper purpose.
2) Calm and center yourself like a peak performer before their major act of fame.
3) Use effective and research proven methods to identify and reduce negative emotions and unhappy life
    experiences which prevent you from moving to your goals.
4) Use Positive psychology tools to nurture self-growth, creativity and productivity.
5) Understand the science behind peak performance psychology to ensure better and sustained success and
    performance in work and life.

So you have the support you need to create a fabulous work and personal life AND to keep to your dreams alive!

DISCover Your Team

• DISC is a behavior profiling tool for describing how peo-ple behave.
• Dominance describes people who like making deci-sions for themselves and others.
• Influence describes people who like socializing and leading others through persuasion.
• Steadiness describes people who like working closely with others as part of a team.
• Compliance describes people who like detail and see-ing a plan through to completion.
• Your individual profile would tell you how strongly each of the 4 styles above are expressed.

How do you obtain a DISC report?
Simply complete a 24-item questionnaire which will take only 10 minutes to complete.

S$119 for a 10-page report, a Self-Score book for DISC profiling and a complimentary coaching session.

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DISCover Your Dream

DISC is a behavior profiling tool that can help you understand yourself and your own behavior.
Understand your team and how to get the best from the people in it.

Recognise who you’re interacting with and how to get on with different people.
Improve your communication skills and the relationship-building process

We are associates and use the reports from Corporateplus a DISC industry leader.
Each personalized report will give you clarity into your own behaviour and that of others.

It is a valuable resource to monitor and better your behaviours to ensure success in work and life.
Research has shown that we would have had 4 to 8 different jobs in our lifetime – let us help you to reinvent and renew yourself for the new challenges in your career

"Not a just a Job, A Calling" is to launch, enhance or change your careers. If you are a first time job seeker, career coaching may help clarify your goals, interests and values and aid in the job search process.

Mid-career professionals might decide they need clarity and validation of the job goals, career direction and may even decide to switch careers.

Whatever the reason, Career Coaches can help you approach the process of self-assessment and job search in a more strategic and systematic manner.

Some individuals might need help from coaches in just one or two areas, such as Interviewing; others might need help across all areas such as resume writing, interviewing, networking, negotiating and professional image overview.

Not sure if you need a career coach? Have you ever had any of these thoughts:

• I would be great in that job if only someone would hire me.
• I feel like I’m in a rut and I can’t see myself doing this job for the rest of my life.
• I am uncomfortable with the concept of networking.
• I don’t know what to say when asked “Tell me about yourself”.
• I don’t have the right education or qualifications.
• I have sent out dozens of resumes, but there are no interviews.
• I have attended dozens of interviews, but have no job offers.
• I am uncomfortable talking about myself and my achievements because I feel like I might be bragging.
• I worry that my retrenchment has a stigma and no one will employ me.
• I worry that my job is in jeopardy.


Why should I hire a coach?
The primary reason to hire a coach is to gain clarity regarding your career. Some might benefit from validating their career choices, others would need more help finding the hidden job market. Career Coaching would help individuals market themselves more effectively.

What can I expect from working with a coach?
A good coach will work with you to set objectives upfront. From these, you should work together to establish an action plan that makes sense. Remember, there are no cookie-cutter solutions or plans. Everyone is different. Beware of any coach who doesn’t take the time to tailor an approach consistent with your background and objectives.

Can I interview the career coach before deciding?
Yes, we encourage that you meet the career coach and most importantly, feel comfortable with the person. Also ask some key questions:
• How long have they been coaching?
• What is the income and demographic of their clients?
• Do they specialize in any industries or jobs?
• Are there any clients they haven’t been able to help?
• Can they provide any references?

When is the best time to hire a career coach?
It depends, every person in unique and everyone has different needs. Some people hire a career coach when they are retrenched and don’t know how to get back into the job market. Others struggle with the job search process and hire a career coach when they face several fruitless attempts job seeking. Some individuals are aware they need professional help undertaking a mid-career switch. The longer you wait, the more stressful and desperate the situation becomes. In general, it’s best to start early in the process, avoiding pitfalls and mistakes.
We use a range of profiling tools and advise you on what is best for you and your next steps.
We will recommend what is best for you after understanding your goals and aspirations

This includes, MBTI, 16pi, Enneagram, Strengths Inventory, Emergenetics, Multiple Intelligences,
Harrison Assessments, Caliber etc

Women Leadership Coaching

Women leaders need to be supported and coached to their roles in leadership. To ensure effective, sustain-able
leadership development, it is important that organization recognize and address the contributions of their women
employees. This can only occur if female employees realize their individual potential. To ensure strong female
leadership development, organizations should ensure three components –increasing women’s portfolios of human,
social, and political capital; recognizing women as a strategic business advantage; and strengthening women’s
connections to their organizations. Of greatest significance, is the importance for women to feel connected to the
goals and objectives of the larger organization and to envision a holistic picture of themselves as integral organizational
partners. Also of equal significance, women must take control of their own careers and identify individual learning
agendas for their own leadership development.

**Taken from Hopkins, M. M., O'Neil, D. A., Passarelli, A., Bilimoria, D. (2008). Women's Leadership Development: Strategies for Women and Organizations , 60, pp. 348-365. Consulting Psychology Journal: Research and Practice

A successful strategy for women leadership is the usage of human and developmental relationships. Tools that
facilitate alignment and transformative change are the ability of women to be innovative, the ability of organizations to
be transparent, the ability of women and organizations to be purposeful and collaborative, and the ability of society to
be adaptive.

**Taken from Rodriguez, S. H. (2011). Co-creating alignment between women, organizations,
and society to support women's career success: An exploratory case study of transformational change. Capella Univeristy.

Women are critical resources in co-leading the economic development processes of the 21st century.
Education, is the key for women leadership and empowerment.

Let us be your partner and coach as you grow as a high-performing leader.

Learn 1) empowerment language, 2) listening, and leadership dialogue, 3) the art of negotiation
and 4) management in times of personal and organizational discomfort.

Let us support your peak leadership with access to updated and specialist knowledge.

Programs are individually tailored through a detailed process that includes a pre-program questionnaire, profiling tools
and industry comparisons. We coach in a series of 6 weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions.

Open the conversation with us...
Email for a free consult and complimentary profile and newsletter.

Everyone is unique
Let us understand your needs and offer our expert and customized recommendations.

Select A Programme:
Our Public Run workshops welcome people from different industries together for a day or two of training.
Individual rates start at S$420 for a day, pairs and groups get a discounted rate.

Signature Training and Coaching
1) Harnessing the Potential of Generation Y and M and Multi-Generational Issues
2) Managing High Talent Young Leaders
3) Creating Peak, Positive and Resilient Workplace
4) Coaching Skills for Managers
5) Resilient Mastery for Managers

Corporate In-House Training
Pricing dependent on preferred venue and group size.
Call us at +65 97458358 for a chat we will make it work for your company.

Individual Coaching begin with 6 weekly or bi-weekly sessions, with the option of additional sessions as desired. Price is dependent on goals set and time-frame and extent of the challenge.
Call us at +65 97458358 for a chat we will make it work for you.
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Cutting Edge Technology to reduce time, costs and resources in interviewing and recruiting the right employees.
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